Project M - Pig Ganon

I am not a character artist, I did this for fun :)
Pig Ganon is an alternate character skin I created for Project M, a Smash Brothers game mod. I created him to learn more about stylized character art, hand painted texturing, and for fun. I put together a small team to help me make the video.

PIG GANON REVEAL TRAILER - Unofficial Project M Alt Costume

Cordell felix pigganon recolors lineup artstation

Skin variant lineup

Cordell felix wip8

Zbrush bpr render

Cordell felix pasted image at 2016 03 05 04 25 am 1

Realtime in Marmoset 2

Cordell felix 00000000 19

Default skin in-game

Cordell felix k3udp6j

Default skin in-game (taunt)

Cordell felix 21pm36f

Twilight Princess variant in-game

Cordell felix fgq1gm3

Red variant in-game

Cordell felix mgfzwfj

Blue variant in-game

Cordell felix jkxnq1z

Green variant in-game

Cordell felix ganonupdate ingame 01
Cordell felix e28nru8

Pig Ganon standing with the two other Ganon's

Cordell felix screenshot 2016 05 02 20 40 26
Cordell felix cfghfgj

Fun WIP shot when I first got his model onto the Nintendo Wii